Sunday, 25 December 2011

Books by authors I have met

This month, I had the chance to read two works by writers I have met, something I have not done since I got my hands on a copy of Nhoroondo dzaMupambwa by Sarudzayi Chifamba-Barnes.

The first of these was Sisterwives by Rachel Connor. She did a workshop at Writers' Block a few weeks ago, which I attended, and I got myself a signed copy. I was my first time to meet Rachel, but I found her to be very down-to-earth despite the fact that she wrote such a bold novel.

Sisterwives is about polygamy in a religious sect somewhere in America. Think Amish here, in the sense that they are determined to lead their lives away from mainstream society, although I am pretty sure that the Amish are not polygamists. That would be Mormons and their off-shoots.

Sisterwives is actually about how secrets can follow a community that has tried to leave everything behind, and raise their heads despite everyone in the know's greatest efforts to conceal them. I was reminded of a novel by another author I know personally, my compatriot Sarudzai Mubvakure's Amelia's Inheritance. As someone from a culture where polygamy is normal, and it is in fact organised Judaeo-Christian religion that frowns on the practice, I thought it was a very interesting take on polygamy. Most African writers have coined and tend to use the term "co-wife", but I note that "sisterwife" can be literally translated to its ChiShona equivalent, "mukadzin'ina", i.e. MUKADZI ("wife") and a contraction of MUNIN'INA ("sister").

The other book I read is by John Chadwick, The Brothers Rat. A lurid tale of indulgence and decadence set during Jack the Ripper's last night out.

Johh Chadwick is the talented artist who did the cover for the Kindle edition of Muna Hacha Maive Nei? Actually, I got my copy of the Brothers Rat on my phone, using the Kindle app. John, together with Sean, another member of King Ink, appears on my film MY NAME IS NOT BOB MARLEY, telling the story of how I was mistaken for, Vince, Booker T's guitarist by a bunch of old music lovers who cannot tell one black man with dreadlocks from another.

Both good books I am now recommending to you all.

Monday, 5 December 2011

MunaHacha Maive Nei? is now available in print

At long last! Gloucester-based Diaspora Publishers has issued a paperback edition of MunaHacha Maive Nei? the novel that got nominated for Book of the Year and contributed significantly towards my Writer of the Year award at the ZIMAA 2011. The publisher has just returned from a trip to Southern Africa, where he established contacts with bookstores.

Kindle sales have been good, but I think readers of ChiShona still prefer paper books. All the same, I am proud of the fact that it was me who nudged my language towards the world of digital content and the novel is there for anyone who has an iphone or Samsung Omnia 7 or any of the new mobile handsets with the Kindle app, or, of course, an e-book reader. I know many other authors are watching and ready to emulate.

I want to thank all those who have bought the Kindle edition. I will keep you posted on the list of bookstores around the world that will be selling copies.

For those with access to amazon products, you can get your copy here

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Writer of the Year 2011

As most of you know by now, I have won the Writer of the Year category at this year's Zimbabwe Music and Arts Award ceremony held in High Wycombe over this last weekend. I had planned on going, but had to cancel at the last minute. Still, I hear it went well.

I am deeply moved by the response of the Zimbabwean public. I had no idea I had started to make inroads back home and in the community here. This has always been my burning goal, to write for my people. It has also been my wish to see Zimbabweans acknowledge the literary renaissance that is happening right now.

I just want to thank all those who voted. I would also like to pay tribute to all those who were also nominated, especially Adel Kaseke, who was walked away with the Book of the Year Award for her Crying Heart. The whole process was a two-horse race between me and her. I haven't read her book yet, but I am looking forward to doing so before the end of the year.

Thank you very much, every one who voted. Thank you very much to the organisers of the ZIMAA event.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Vote for me

I have just received notification that I have been nominated for an award. Voting has commenced, please have a look and cast yours here

I have to admit that this nomination has taken me by surprise as I had underestimated the impact of my work in the Zimbabwean community. It will be nice to attend the event, rub shoulders with all those artistes who are carrying the flag here in the UK. I am also surprised at the other nominees. I suppose the organisers had to narrow the list down for the event, but there are so many Zimbabwean authors who are bringing out such great stories. To be among this short list is a huge honour on its own.
Thank you in advance

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

[Press Release] Leicester gets set for a discussion on Zimbabwean Literature

On 8 October 2011, the Leicester Central Library will be the venue for an interactive discussion on Zimbabwean literature.

The session will start at 2.00 pm and finish at 4.00 pm and will see four Zimbabwean writers - Masimba Musodza, Fungisai Sasa, Joyce Chigiya and Tinashe Mushakavanhu - share ideas with the audience on the state of Zimbabwean literature.

The panel is part of the series of events that have been organised for this year’s Everybody’s Reading Festival, an annual, nine-day celebration of books, reading, writing and live performance that aims to get everybody in Leicester reading. Everybody’s Reading starts on 1 October 2011 and runs until 9 October 2011 with events and activities around the city.

Lydia Towsey, one of the organisers of the festival, says, "As part of the discussion on Zimbabwean literature, the audience and panel will explore the social, political and economic situation in Zimbabwe and how the situation affects Zimbabwean writers and literature as well as look at how Zimbabwean writers have been responding to the situation.

“For example, has the political situation in Zimbabwe made Zimbabwean literature overly political? Has Zimbabwean literature ever been anything other than political? Is this a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ thing? Is writing at home easier or more difficult than writing away from home? Where or what is ‘home’? … The audience and panelists will engage with these and many more questions.”

The writers will share ideas with the audience and read extracts of their own and other writers’ works to illustrate areas of discussion.

“The session will be a rare opportunity for people in Leicester to deepen their awareness and experience great literature and is definitely not to be missed,” Lydia Towsey says.

Notes for Editors:

Masimba Musodza lives in Middlesborough. He writes in both English and Shona. His work includes The Man who turned into a Rastafarian (Diggory Press, 2007), Uriah’s Vengeance (Lion Press Ltd, 2009), A Smell of Paraffin and Other Stories (The Case Files of the Dread Eye Detective Agency) (Kindle Edition, 2011) and Muna Hacha Maive Nei? (Kindle Edition, 2011), a novel which holds the distinction of being the first science-fiction novel in Shona and the first in that language to be published through amazon Kindle. Currently, Masimba Musodza is working on a horror novel that melds his interest in comparative folklore and issues of immigration, identity and belonging. For more information visit

Fungisayi Sasa lives in Milton Keynes. She writes in English and is the author of the children’s book, The Search for the Perfect Head(AEG Publishing Group, 2009). She has a short story that has been featured in the anthology, Writing Free (Weaver Press, 2011) while her poems have been featured in places that include the Poetry International website and Spilt Milk Magazine. More information on Fungisayi Sasa is available at

Joyce Chigiya is a Zimbabwean school teacher currently studying for an M.A. in English and Creative Writing at Lancaster University. She writes poems and short stories in English. Her work has been featured on the Poetry International website and in the anthology Voices from all over (Oxford University Press, 2006). Five of her poems have also been translated into Chinese for the anthology, No serenity here(Moonchu Foundations, 2010). For more information, visit

Tinashe Mushakavanhu is reading for a PhD in English at the University of Kent. His short stories have been featured in anthologies that include Short Writings From Bulawayo II (amaBooks, 2005); Short Writings From Bulawayo III (amaBooks, 2006); and Writing Now: More stories From Zimbabwe (Weaver Press, 2005). He has also co-edited books that include: A Haunting Touch (Parthian Books, 2007);Remembering Marechera (Ayebia Publishing, forthcoming); State of the Nation: Contemporary Zimbabwean Poetry (The Conversation Paperpress, 2009); and Emerging Perspectives on Chenjerai Hove: Literature, Politics & Culture (Africa World Press, forthcoming). More information on Tinashe Mushakavanhu is available at

Lydia Towsey is one of the organisers of Everybody’s Reading. Her email address is

This year Everybody’s Reading takes place between 1st – 9th October, 2011 with events and activities around the city. The festival opens at the brand new Leicester Central Library and New Walk Museum and then continues to spread words across the city from Curve theatre and Kayal restaurant to Phoenix Square cinema and the Crumbling Cookie Cafe. The exciting Finale Weekend ER takes place back at the library, in a four day long extravaganza. Everybody’s Reading is supported by ‘Whatever it Takes’, a pioneering campaign to get primary school children reading in Leicester. The festival is organised in partnership with Leicester Libraries, Charnwood Arts, WORD!, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT) and the Schools Development and Support Agency (SDSA) with the support of Arts Council England. The festival invites participation from people of all ages. For more information, visit

Leicester is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United Kingdom. The city hosts a significant number of Zimbabwean nationals.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

A new novella tying my Shona horror stories with the Dread Eye Detective Agency

Masimba Musodza adzoka nerumwe rungano rwunoda muverengi anezvivindi, asina hana nhete. Sgt Sambiri, mukuru weArmed Robberies & Homicide paChitungwiza Central Police Station vanotambira tsamba kubva kushamwari yavo, Mutikitivha Lawrence Kweche wepaTswakata, mudunhu reMashonaland East. Kweche ane nyaya yaainge afeya-feya, nyaya yemurume aiti akaponda musikana anonzi Aquilina. Murume uyu, Hatifari Maforimbo, ainge azvipira mbune kumapurisa, ndokunyora sitatimende yezveuopenyu hwake dzamara zuva raakauraya Aquilina. Kazhinji kana nyakuparamhosva achinge auya ega kuzoreurira kumapurisa, zvinorerutsa basa ravo. Igaroziva kuti chinenge chasara kumisa munhu pamberi pedare, upihwa mutongo wake, oendeswa zvake kunzvimbo iya inoyambirwa vanhu kuti kana vakadonhedza sipo vachigeza, vasakotame kuti vainhonge. Asi, sitatimendi yaHatifari Maforimbo yaitove nhangaruvanze yeninji chairo. Ninji, nezvinotyisa…. Available through Trivade (pvt) Ltd in Zimbabwe and worldwide through Smashwords

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sold out in Zimbabwe?

I got an e-mail from my sister last night. She went to Innov8 , presumably the Avondale Branch, looking for Uriah's Vengeance. She was told they didn't have any more copies, so she placed an order.

What does this mean? The publisher told me 15 copies were dispatched to Zimbabwe and were on display at the Zimbabwe International Book Fair. It could be that they all sold out, which is a good thing.

I've never been sold out in Zimbabwe before and it does give me a good feeling.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Preview MunaHacha Maive Nei?

Monday, 25 July 2011

The Dread Eye Detective Agency comes home...almost

I have been reliably informed that Uriah's Vengeance is now in the Innov8 Bookshops as Lion Press Ltd begins to penetrate the market back home. Now, all the remains to be seen is if Zimbabweans who have been whinging to me about how my books are not in the shops will put their money where their mouth is.

I sound cynical, but our people are not famous for supporting their own arts and culture. Indeed, many Zimbabwean writers only find themselves in the limelight after attention from western media. It is not even fair to call it limelight, it's just the Zimbabwean media trying to steal whatever crumbs of glory from another's table. And you thought it was just dogs that did that! Perhaps this is what Petina Gappah meant when she refused to be described as an "African author". With booksales abroad, and a British publisher, and relative obscurity in Zimbabwe, the tag doesn't fit properly.

So, like many of the authors in the Lion Press stable, I am watching but not raising my hopes up too high.

What I would really like to hear about is that my books are in stores in Chitungwiza, which is the town I call home and which is the setting of the Dread Eye Detective Agency. As the Ce-Ce and Farai become an international brand, I would like to see greater attention drawn to Chitungwiza, especially its Rastafarian community. Many Rastafarians there earn their living through arts and crafts, so perhaps a little tourism would help. I am open to suggestions, if any one has a bright idea, please share.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

MunaHacha Maive Nei? Sample Chapters

BhUKu 1: Mukadziusaende

Pane ino nguva, kune imwe nzira yekurarama nayo,” mukadzi uya akadaro, seosekera muhapwa, “Siya meso ari paari, asi usaape chekuringa!“- CHINA MIÈVILLE, Details.


            Pane zviitiko zvishanu zvakaitika munzvimbo dzakasiyana, misi yakasiyana uye nemutoo wakasiyana zvekuti hapana aikwanisa kufembera kuti zviitiko zvese izvi zvingave zvakabatanidzana nyangwe dai munhu iyeye ainge anyatso rondedzerwa zvizere nezvazvo. Nyangwe dai aive zvake mushoperi kana mumwe wevaya vanonzi vano cherechedza urongwa hwenyeredzi mudenga vachidudzira zviratidzo zvezvichauya nahwo, handifunge kuti paive nemhunu aikwanisa kuona mutsetse wezviitiko izvi kana sungawirirano yazvo.
            Zvimwe dai pakaita akaona mubatanidzwa wezviitiko izvi, zvimwe dai munhu iye akakwanisa kutora matanho ekudzvirira zvakazoitika mberi. Asi hapana akaona mubatanidzwa uhwu nekuti izvo zviitiko zvishanu zvaive pakati pezvimwewo. Kuona mubatanidzwa pane zviitiko zvakawanda kudai kungaenzaniswa nekuona miti yemadomasi, munhu wogona kufembera kuti ndeapi madomasi achapinda mugaba ripi uye richateendeswa kuchitoro chipi zvekuti ani nani waunge waparuzivo urwu anogona kuziva musi waaonogona kuriwana riri pasherufu.


            Chekutanga chakaitikira pedyo nepurazi rinonzi Harmison, tichingobva mumusha weNyazura nenzira inopfuura nemuDorowa ichienda kuMasvingo. Minda yepapurazi apa yakaganhurana nemugwagwa uyu, zvekuti vafambi vayo vano pedza nzendo dzavo moyo yavo yotutumira nerudado neNyika yeChipikirwa iyi. Waiti ukaona chibage, donje, fodya nemagorosi, waipa kutenda. Aiwa, paive nemaguta mhani! Kana ririro shavi rekurima racho, haiwa; apa ndipo parakabikirwa doro pakava paMatojeni paro.
            Zvino, pane tsaona yakaitikira pedyo neBindu reEdheni iri. Paive pakati peusiku, nyika yose yoridza ngonono. Chii chaizvo chakaitika, chakasakisa kuti rhori ibude mumugwagwa, ndokuromoka neuwere unopinda munaHacha? Hongu, tsaona dzinoitika nguva nenguva munyika muno, sezvadzino garoitikawo kune dzimwe nyika dzepasi rose. Asi, pose panoitika tsaona, tinoda kutsvaga kuti zvauya sei.
            Mukushaiwa kwedu chapupu, tingatobvunza mwedzi wainge waka jekanyika kunge denderedzwa resirivhera. Zvimwe zizi rakapapamara nepamusoro pemagorosi, rakangazvura gonzo raimhanya nepakati pemagorosi aya kunge mhuka iri musango ringati penengurire zvizere pamusoro petsaona iyi. Ko, ihwo un’ain’ai hwenyeredzi dzaichonyera pasi rose, hapana here zvadzaigona kutiudzawo?


            Zvirokwazvo, dai zvapupu zvese izvi zvaikwanisa kuti donongorera, zvaitiudza kuti mhuri yekwaNhemwa ndiyo yakatanga kusvika panzvimbo pakange pachangobva kuitikira tsaona iyi. Mhuri yekwaNhemwa iyi yainge yakazadza Honda Civic yayo tsvuku, mutyairi achiivhetemesa zvomene kunge chitundumusere. Vainge vakati muzvinabhizinesi Solomon Nhemwa, mudzimai wake Shuvai, nevanasikana vavo, Tanaka naPamhidzai. Chavai fambira usiku uhwu ndeche kuti vaida kufumobata jongwe muromo vachienda kunotora Maropafadzo, dangwe ravo, kubhodhingi kwaainge apedza zvidzidzo zvake zvefomu yechipiri. Sezvino zivikanwa nevose vakadzidza muZimbabwe, vana vanenge vapedza mazamanishoni efomu yechipiri vanobva vatanga zororo rekupedza gore. Tanaka aive mugiredhi rechinomwe, Pamhidzai rechina.
            Nekuvhetemesa kwavaita Honda Civic yavo, zvimwe dai vaNhemwa vari ivo vakaroverana nerhori iya. Asi, kana nguva yako isati yakwana, Mwari vanoita kuti unonoke kana kukurumidza kusvika zvishomanini- nyangwe nesekondi rimwe chete- zvekuti unopotswa netsaona inenge yatarwa nemutemo unotonga zvisikwa zvose kuti ichaiitikira panzvimbo yauchapfuura napo kana kuti yaunenge uchango pfuura. Dai pasina Tanaka uyu akakumbira kuti vambomire arase mazimvura yaainge adhudhutsa kunge ngamera vasati vatanga rwendo, zvimwe dai tiine imwe nyaya yemhuri yakatsakatira mutsaona.
            Asi sezvakaita, VaNhemwa vakaona hambautare yave pamberi pavo ichinzvenga, ichibva yabuda mumugwagwa. Kumberi kwaive nerhori chena ichiuya kwavari, yabva kudivi remugwagwa muya mayaifanira kuteedzera. MuHonda Civic mavo makangova zhowe-zhowe, VaNhemwa vakaerekana vave kusundana nekurovana nemagokora naMai Nhemwa kunge vari kutamba ragibhi, vachiedzawo kubvuta gazvo kunge vakazopedza kudzidzira kutyaira mota vakapihwa rizinesi.
            Rhori iya haina kubonderana neHonda Civic yavo, asi yakabva yabuda mumugwagwa zvachose. Pavakacheuka, vose vakaona kumashure kuine mugwagwa chete, nehuruva hwaitaima nechiedza chemwedzi muchena. VaNhemwa vakabva vabopa mabhureki, matai eHonda Civic iya akakweshera nemugwagwa, achiita ruzha rwemadhimoni adirwa mvura inoyera nafata dzamara yamira. Vachibuda muhambautare muya, VaNhemwa vakatambirwa nemunhuwiro wematai atsva. Vakafunidza mhepo; paive zvakare nemumwe munhuwiro hwavakange vasati vambonzwa muupenyu hwavo. Munhuwiro hwakabva hwavafungisa mushonga unokuvadza.
            Ndipo pavaka cherechedza kuti pasi pakange pakamwararidzwa zvigubhu zvichena. Zvimwe zvacho zvakange zvatsemuka, zvosinira zvimvura zvichena zvinenge mukaka.
            “Garai mumota!” VaNhemwa vakaraira mhuri yavo nezwi rine masimba avo ose eubaba. “Rhori iyi yakatakura mushonga, handizivi kuti werudziwai. Mai Ropa, fonera amburenzi! Ini ndave kunoona kuti pane zvandigaite here!”
            VaNhemwa havana kupa mukadzi wavo mukanha wekupikisana navo, ndokudzika nemawere aya. Rhori iya yakange yakaita zvekuruma rwizi, kunge yainwa mvura, yakatsveyama zvekuti rimwe vhiri rekumashure raive mudenga kunge gumbo remhuka yabaiwa nemuvhimi, richigotendera. Vakatarisa musoro wayo kudaro, vakaona kunge munhu ari kuyedza kubuda nepawhindo. VaNhemwa vakadzika nemawere aya, ndivo mumvura muya chakwa chakwa. Vakaona kunge mitseste nemakore pfumbu zvichiyerera nemvura, ndokucherechedza zvigubhu zviya zvemishonga.
            Murume aipoya nepahwindo perhori aive wechidiki zvekuva munin’ina waVaNhemwa. Aive mushava, aine muparavara waiteya mwedzi nendebvu dzinenge dzemurairidzi wezvidavado zvekurwa nazvo zvekung-fu mumabhaisikopo aya anobva kuHong Kong. VaNhemwa vakafungidzira kuti aive mupositori. Aive nembonje pahuma, uye aibuda mututu wakasviba kunge jamu riri kuvhinza nepamuromo pebhodhoro raro. Asi kunze kweizvi, akange asingataridzike seakuvara zvakaipisisa.
            “Ndiwe chete uri murhori umu here, muchinda?” VaNhemwa vakabvunza, ndokumumbundira kuti vaite wekukaritsa naye vachimubvisa munjodzi.
            “Hongu, changamire,” murume uya akapindura. Akabvarapfata naVaNhemwa, achiedza kuzvisunungura kubva mumaoko avo. “Asi, muno fanira kubva pano nekuti pachasvika-.”
            Haana kupedza, nzvimbo yese yakabva yati magetsi nhoo. Vainzi vachasvika vainge vatosvika. VaNhemwa vakanzwa mazembera emazwi echirume, ndokutarisa kuhambautare yavo. Hapana chavai nyatsoona, sezvo kumusoro kwemawere  kwaive nechadima. Asi, zvairatidza sekunge hambautare yavo yainge yakombwa nedzimwe.
            Asi mazwi aya aive pedyo, uye aiperekedzwa nekuti chaka chaka kwevanhu vakawanda vari kufamba mumvura. Ndipo pavakaona vanhu vaiuya kwavari vakabata matochi nepfuti.
            Vanhu ava vaive mauto.
            Ko, mauto anga abva nepi zvino? VaNhemwa vakasundirwa uko, ndokuti manhede mumvura muya. Pavakada kuti vamuke vakaona vakadzvokorwa nemurori wepfuti. Havana kusimuka, ndokugara zvavo mumvura muya. Yaitonhora zvayo, asi kwete zvakanyanya kune munhu akakurira mutaundishipu achigeza neshawa. Zvisinei, kutonhorwa hakwai yenzaniswa nekupfurwa. Nechomumoyo, vakatenda Mai Ropa nekumbotora runharembozha rwavo kwavainge vaita kuti vamboita makuhwa neshamwari yavo. Dai runharembozha urwu rwakange rwusiri padheshibhodhi mumota kutaura kudai, inga dai rwuri muhomwe mavo, rwuchiinwa yemunaHacha.
            “Mudhara, muka udzoke kumota yako, ushaike panzvimbo pano izvozvi!” mumwe wemasoja aya akan’audza.
            “Ko, ndozvazvino itwa here, nhai varume?” VaNhemwa vakabvunza. Kutya kwavo kupfuurwa kwakakurirwa nekuda kuziva kuti chii chaizvo chaiitika pano chino daidza masoja kudai.
            “Iwe, hapana varume vako pano, wazvinzwa?! Ndati dzokera kumota kwako utekaire!” Musoja uya akange asingaite zvekutamba. “Ino inzvimbo inochengetedzwa, ndika kupfura, hapana kwaunoimhan’ara nyaya yacho!”
            “Anogoimhan’ara sei iwe wamuuraya?” mumwe musoja akaipindira nezwi rainge rechivezwa chapiwha masimba ekutaura naMwari, risingaratidze kushatirwa kana kufara. Uyu aive mukuru pazera, zvakare mamwe masoja aita seanomuremekedza. Aifanira kuve ari iye mukuru wavo chete. Akasviko dzvokora VaNhemwa kunge ari kuona zvino semesa zvaatumwa nevakuru vake kuti ageze. “Imi changamire, munodei pano?”
            VaNhemwa vakada kuti vasimuke, ndokunzi nemumwe musoja, “Hapana amboti simukai, mudhara! Muri kusimukirei? Kuti izwi renyu rinobuda nekumagaro here?”
            Mauto aya ndiwo bvu-u kuseka. VaNhemwa vakange vave pedyo nekuratidza hasha dzavo, zvisinei kuti vakange vaka nongedzerwa nepfuti. Kwavari, sekune munhu wese anofema mweya, zvakange zvisina kufanira kuti vataurwe navo nenzira iyi. Asi, vakazvidzora. Kuzvidzora pakadai chaive chinhu chakanaka nekuti chaigona kudzivirira kupfurwa nepfuti.
            “Ini ndangoona tsaona yaitika iyi, ndikati ndionewo kuti pane zvandingaite…”
            “Zvamungaite?” Izwi remukuru wemauto uya raive rizere nekutsvinya. Asi meso avo airatidza kuti vakange vasingaite zvejeya. “Kuti muri chiremba?”
            “Zvimwe muri undertaker?” mumwe musoja akabvunza, vamwe vake ndivo bvu-u zvakare.
            “Kana kuti mumwe wevaya vano secha zvitunha panenge paitika tsaona!” Uyu mumwe musoja zvakare. Chiso chake chainge chakasunga, uyu akange asingaite zvejeya bodo.
            “Kwete, kani!” VaNhemwa vakazvidzora vasati varatidza hasha. “Asi munhu haungangopfuuri pakadai. Unga…”
            “Tipe chitupa, mudhara!” Mukuru wemauto uyu akange asina nguva yekutaura twakawanda. "Nhasi uchapfidza zvekungo bizha munyaya dzausinei nadzo. Ukaipona iyi, ucharapwa kusada kwako kupfuurwa nechinhu chose chauchasangana nacho nyangwe chakanyorwa zita rako nemagetsi anotaima."
            VaNhemwa vakasimuka, ndokupinza ruoko muhomwe yejini ravo. Vakada kuti vachiburitse, vamutambidze zvakanaka, asi mukuru uya ndokuchi hweshura nerino ziboko. Munhu ane ziboko rakadaro haabvunzwe kuti azviitirei, uye haumuudze kuti adzosere chaanenge abvuta. Ziboko rakadai ndiro rinonzi ruoko rwegudo, uye hazvidi kuti utange wamborinzwa padama kana pane imwe nhengo yemuviri wako kuti uritye.
            “Sibanda, tora detail rababa ava, vaende zvavo. Right, choka!” Achitaura kudai, akatambidza chikwama chiya kune mumwe wemauto ake, chino chigwindiri chinenge chinotamba ragibhi nechikwata cheW.W.F. Waiti ukaona chiso chacho, waibva waziva kuti chisikwa chaMwari hachidi nyanga kuti chinzi chakanyangara kana kuti chinotyisa. Kana aive naamai vaioona runako rwake vachimuda semwana wavo, bva ndivo vega.
            “Vakuru, hambai!” Sibanda akange okwira makata, onanga kuHonda Civic yaVaNhemwa.
            Vachiteera, VaNhemwa vakanyatsotarisa zvigubhu zviya zvemushonga. Sibanda paaifamba, aivheneka netochi yake, saka VaNhemwa vakaona kuti zvigubhu zviya zvakange vakanyorwa kuti Mukadziusaende Lot 4/09. Ko, zvairevei zvino? VaNhemwa vakanhonga chimwe chigubhu chiya.
            “Iwe, siya chigubhu ichocho!” Sibanda akabva avarambidza. “Waudzwa kare kuti haunei nezvepano! Unoda kutsiurwa nebara paguma here? Kana chiri icho chishuviro chako, ndinga fare chose kuchizadzisa izvozvi.”
            VaNhemwa ndokutsveta chigubhu chiya. Vakasvikowana Honda yakakomberedzwa nemamwe mauto madzimai nevana zvichingo svimha misodzi. Sibanda ndokuvatambidza chikwama chavo. “Chinzwai, Baba Nhemwa. Isu pano tine basa ratiri kuita. Basa iri rine nechekuita nezve kudzivirira nyika ino. Muno sungirwa nemutemo kuti imi nemhuri yenyu musaudze ani zvake nezvaiitika pano. Tiri kunzwisisana here?”
            “A, zvino ndingarambe zvido zvemunhu akapakata pfuti?” Setswa dzaVaNhemwa  dzakabva dzapera pavakaona zviso zvemasoja aya. Vakarunga mhinduro yavo nematebhuruspunu ekuzvininipisa akatiwandei. “Aiwa, madzishe angu, zvamareva ndazvinzwa. Regai tifambe.”
            VaNhemwa vakapinda mumota muya. Mai Nhemwa nevana ndokutanga kuinaisa mibvunzo.
            “Imi, nyarari!” VaNhemwa vakavapindura nezwi raidedera. “Ndanzi ndisakurukure nezvandaona. Zvisinei hazvo, ini hapana chandaona. Vati ivo vari kuita basa rechiuto, asi handizive kuti rinei nechekuita netsaona iyi.”
            “Zvimwe vari kudzidziswa zvekuita kana paitika tsaona ine nechekuita nemishonga inogona kukuvadza vanhu.” Uyu ndiPamhidzai Nhemwa. Baba vake vakanyemwerera, moyo wavo uchiti, Mwana wangu iyeye! Haadye chimwe chinhu! Pamhi akange aive neuchenjeri hwaMambo Soromoni chaiwo.
            Asi, nechemumoyo, VaNhemwa havana kugutsikana netsanangudzo iyi. Havana kuda kuita gakava nemukunda wavo uyu, nekuti izvo zvavaifunga zvakange zvisingaite kuti vataurire mwana, nyangwe akangwara sei. Kune dzimwe nyaya dzisina kuti kungwara kana kupusa, zvagara zvakangonaka kuti nyaya dzakadai dzisatomboitika zvachose.
            Dudziro yaVaNhemwa maererano nezvavainge vaona yaive iri yekuti vainge vaona munhu achiurayiwa nemauto pamusana pezvematongerwo enyika. Ndidzo nyaya dzaifamba wani, dzekuti Hurumende yaive netsika yekuurayisa vose vaiipikisa kana kuti vaive nezvaiziva senzira yekuvanyaradza nekusingaperi.
Iyi yakange isiri tsika yaigaropomerwa Hurumende yemuno chete. Nyangwe kuAmerika, uko kunonzi ndiko kunokosheswa kodzero dzevanhu, kunonzi kune chikamu cheboka revasori veHurumende yeko reC.I.A. rinonzi Department of Health Alternatives rinoona nezvekushandura zvachose utanho hwevanenge vasisadiwi neHurumende yeko. Vachicherechedza chikonzero ichi, vachicherechedza zvakare tsumo iya yevaRungu inoti vafi havana nhaurirwa yavanogona kurondedzera, VaNhemwa vakabva vacherechedzawo kuti nyangwe ivo nemhuri yavo vaigona kuvingwa vakaitwa kanyama-kanyama nevaya vainzi kuita vanhu kanyama-kanyama kwaitove kushava kwavo.
            Zvino kana zviri izvo, vaifanira kunyarara here? Ndipo paive nekupishana kwepfungwa. Vakamhan’ra, VaNhemwa vaitourawa chete, vana vosara vari nherera. Zvimwe Shuvai wavo aiurawawo, achizova ngozi kumhuri yekwaNhemwa.
            Asi, zvaita here kuti vanyarare, vongoita sevasina zvavaona? Vangaenderere neupenyu hwavo vachiziva kuti ine imwe mhuri iri kutsvaga mumwe wayo? Kuti kungave nevana vakaita sevavo vagere kumashure ava vachakura vasingazive kwakaenda baba?
            Asi zvakare, vaka mhan’ara, zvaigobatsirei?  Handiti kwavainomhan’ara kwacho ndiko kwaive kumuzinda kweidzo mhondi dzavainge vasiya kunaHacha? Ivo VaNhemwa ndipo pavaizorarama vaenda vega kuvagadziri verufu? Hapana chaibuda apa kunze kwekuwedzera uhwandu hwevanhu vaifira iyoyi nyaya nenherera neshirikadzi dzaisara. Ko, vakamhan’ra kumapurisa? Mapurisa? Mapurisa akatya kupindira munyaya yekurohwa kwavo vaNhemwa nevatsigiri vebato reZanu vachinzi vari kukurudzira vanhu kuti vavhotere bato rinopikisa? Kana vakange vasinga batsire panyaya yekurohwa nenhengo dzebato zvadzo, ko chii chavangaite panyaya yekuuraiwa nevane mvumo wekuita izvi pamutemo?
            VaNhemwa vakarova gazvo neruoko, shungu dzavakurira, meso oteya mwedzi nemisodzi. Wandishurirei, nhai hama? Unei neni, unondizivirepi kuzoda kundipinza munyaya yako? Vakati mbudzi kuzvarira pane vanhu hunzi nditandirwe imbwa. Imbwa ndingatande zvangu. Zvino ndingamisidzane nezvikara zvesango, zvino famba usiku zvakapakata zvombo? Chandinenge ndafira ipapo chii, kana iwe, ini nemhuri yangu tichiperera pakarewo?
            VaNhemwa vakatarisa kumukadzi wavo. Inga Mwari akavapa mubatsiri chaiye. Hazvaibviri kuti vamunyangadzire nepamusana pezvenyika. Kunenge kuri kudenhera dzinza rekwaNhemwa ngozi.
            Vakatarisa kunaMai Nhemwa kudai, VaNhemwa vakabva vayeuka zvakange zvakanyorwa pazvigubhu zviya. Mukadziusaende Lot 4/09. Zvino ndiro rinonzi ninji chairo. Mushonga rwudziwai unonzi Mukadziusaende Lot 4/09?


            Hapano pakuva zvapupu zvetsaona pedyo nepurazi rinonzi Harmison, chiitiko chechipiri chakaitikira mumusha waJanichani mudunhu raChipenzi nemusi weSvondo masikati. Mhuri yekwaNhemwa yakange yave kuona mashura pamba payo.
            Epamusha paVaJanichani akange asara nemamineti masere asati atanga.
            Papfuura vhiki kubva usiku apo mhuri yekwaNhemwa yakasangana netsaona pedyo neHarmison Experimental Farm, mhuri yekwaJanichani yakati chechenga pamusha payo ichiroodza Lilian, mwanasikana waClement, dangwe raVaJanichani. Hama nemadzisahwira zvakange zvauya kubva kumativi mana enyika, vamwe vachibva Botswana nedzimwe nyika dzave kugara vanhu vemuZimbabwe. Zvekuroorwa kwaLilian zvakafamba zvakanaka chose.
            Nemusi weSvondo uyu, hama nemadzisahwira vakaparadzana zvavo. Tshaka, mwanakomana waSylvester, gotwe raVaJanichani, aifarira kushanyira ambuya nasekuru vake nedzimwe hama dzaigara munharaunda. Semukomana wekutaundi, hupenyu hwekumusha hwaive nezvakawanda zvaimunakidza sezvinhu zvaaisaona kana kuita mazuva ose, saka ainge akatarisira kudzoka kuno kumusha panguva yezororo yekuchikoro. Kukama mombe, kurima negejo, kubata shiri neurimbo, aiwa idzi ndidzo nyaya dzaaizozadza mapeji nemapeji kuchikoro nemusoro unoti Zvandakaita pazororo.
            Zvikoro zvave pedyo nekuvhara kudai, baba vaTshaka vakange vatumirwa tsamba neimwe yunivhesiti kuEgypt ichivazivisa kuti vakange vawana basa rekudzidzisa saenzi kwakare. Saka, mhuri yose yaifanira kukwira ndege nemusi wechishanu waizotevera, kuti vanoona imba yavaizenge vachigara. Asi, vaizodzoka kuzopembererera goredzva nevamwe kuno kuZimbabwe.
            Uyu ndiSylvester Janichani, mukoma waTshaka, ari mwana wababamukuru vake, Clement. Sylvester aive jaya rine makore makumi nesere, asi vaviri ava vaita kunge vezera rimwe naTshaka, uyo aive nemakore pfumbamwe ekuberekwa. Mukoma Sylvester ndivo vaienda naye kunzvimbo dzakasiyana dzekumusha; kurwizi kunotuhwina, kudhibhi nemombe, kumuzheto-sekudaidza kwavaita mutambo wenhabvu, kujiti. Vakamudzidzisa twakawanda; kuziva bundo rekuti ukachera pasi paro unogona kuwana mvura yekunwa, kucherechedza musiyano pakati pemichero inodyiwa neinouraya nerumwe ruzivo rwatave kurasa nekuti hautibatsire muupenyu hwemudhorobha. Asi Tshaka aive mudzidzi anechido uye aichengetedza mundangariro zvose izvi zvaaipenengurirwa nemukoma wake. Tshaka aida kuzova muzvinaruzivo sababa vake, asi iye aida kudzidza nezve kuchengetedzwa kwezviwanikwa kunowirirana nemagariro evanhu uye nebudiriro.
            Sylvester ainge akati hada mumvuri weberevere regota rake, kunge mushandi achangotambira mugove wake, akazendama nemadziro. Tshaka akange opinda mukicheni maive naamai vake, asi akabva atsauka. Paruvanze paya paive nevamwe vanhu, asi hapana ainge achiona vakomana ava, sezvo vanhu vese vaive nezvavaita.
            "Ko, mamukirepi, Mukoma Sy?" Tshaka akabvunza. "Ndanga ndotya kuti ndichaenda ndisina kukuonai."
            "Ndanga ndano kutorera pasuru yako, mupfanha," akapindura Sylvester, achinyemwerera.
            Tshaka ndoku nyemwererawo. Pavai nyemwerera kudai, waibva wanyatsoona
rupawo rwavo sevana vemhuri imwe. Kungoti uyu Sylvester ainge akati rebei, uye akati tsvukei. Tshaka akange asati ave kuziva kuti Sylvester amuigira chii, asi yaive garoziva kuti chaive chinhu chakanaka. Zororo rapfuura, Sylvester akamugadzirira uta nemiseve, asi Tshaka haana kupihwa mvumo nevabereki vake yekuzvitambisa. Vakazomu nyaradza nekumuratidza mifananidzo yevanhu vaichengeta zvombo zvekurwisa semidziyo yekunemesa mumba chete, iye ndokubvuma kuti uta nemiseve zvake zviturikwe pekuti aigona kuzviona asi asingasvikire.
            "Ndapota kuti usaidye," Sylvester aidaro. “Kana uchida zvekudya, ndinogona kukubatira shiri, mbeva nezvimwe, asi iyi haisi chikafu bodo.” Tshaka akange asingaone kuti ari kuitei nekuti mukoma wake akange akamufuratira, akachonjomara. Paakada kuti asebere pedyo, anyatsoona, Sylvester akabva asimuka ndokucheuka.
            Tshaka akashama muromo wake, ndokupererwa nemazwi paakaona chaive mumamoko aSylvester. Rino zitsuro, rakaenzana negwayana. Sylvester aingozhinya, mufaro nerudado zvemunhu agona kufadzawo mumwe nemabasa ake.
            "M-m-mukoma Sy! Its-ts-tsuro here?" Tshaka akasvitsa ruoko, ndokuibata. Zvaka mushamisa kuti yaipisa muviri, uye yaifemereka kunge bhiza ranga richimhanya mujawe. Asi Tshaka haana kunyanya kufunga nezvazvo, akangoti zvimwe kwaive kutya kwayo.
            "Ndakaiona nezuro ndanotsvaga matombo ekuveza," Sylvester akadaro. Haana kuda kuudza mupfanha wake kuti akange aenda achida kuno sesedzana nemasango nemusikana wake,Chipiwa. Ko, zvaChipiwa zvaive nechekuita netsuro here?
            Chipiwa wacho haana kuuya kusango kwavainge varangana. Sylvester akamumirira kusvikira zuva rati nyadi nekuseri kwemakomo, kwasviba zvino, ndokunanga zvake kumba. Zvimwe akange akundikana nekuda kwebasa repamba, sezvo Chipiwa aive ega musikana mumba mavo. Saka chaive chokwadi kuti akange asina nechekuita netsuro iyi.
            Pakudzoka kumba, ndipo paakaona ninji retsuro iyi. Sylvester aifamba zvake murima, asi nzira aiiona semutsetse pfumbu pakati pechadima. Tsuro iya yaive pakati penzira, asi akafunga kuti waive mumvuri wedombo, ndokuti atsauke nekuruboshwe. Asi mumvuri uya wakafamba, Sylvester ndoku pingirishana nawo. Paakamuka, Sylvester akati atarise maoko ake aainge asvuura. Sezvo aive murima, hapana chaakaona, ndokumbosiya zvekutsvaga kuti akuvara zvakadii.
            Sylvester akarohwa nehana paakaona kuti itsuro yaainge agumburwa nayo ndokugwesha nemusana achibva pedyo nayo zvishoma nezvishoma, akaudyura meso.
Zvinhu zviviri zvaka mukatyamadza pane tsuro iyi. Chekutanga, yaive nemhumhu mukuru. Uchiitarisa kudai, waipindwa nepfungwa yekuti pane zvisina kunyatsoita pairi, pane urema usinga tsananguriki nekuti hakusati kwambova neurema hwakadai. Sylvester akatsukunura homwe yemukati yebhachi rake, ndokuburitsa tochi yake ndokuivheneka. Zvedi, yaive tsuro. Zvino ndipo paive neninji rechipiri.
            Nyangwe zvazvo yairatidza kuva neutanho, uye yairatidza kutya, tsuro iyi haina kuedza kutiza. Sylvester akafunga kuti yakuvara, ndokuisimudza. Akanyatso ivheneka netochi yake, asi hapana chaakaona chairatidza kukuvara kana urema.
            Ko, asi yaive tsuro yemuridzi here? Kana yaichengetwa sechipfuyo, yakange yajairirana nevanhu zvekuti hayaitiza. Zvedi, kukura kwayo uku kwaibva mukuchengetwa chete; tsuro dzemusango, dzichienzaniswa nedzekupfuya, dzakange dzakaondoroka nepamusana peupenyu hwekungotsvaga chekudya nekutsvaga zvakare kusadyiwa. Asi, zvino kana yaive nemuridzi, ko kuno kusango kure nemisha yakange yasvika sei? Sylvester akaringa-ringa, sezvinonzi aitarisira kuti muridzi wayo angangonyuki kubva muchadima kuzoitora.
            Ndipo Sylvester akacherechedza kuti sango iri rakange risinawo kunyatsomira zvakanaka, rainge ninji pachezvaro. Hapana chaaikwanisa kunongedza achiti ichi hachina kuita zvakanaka. Zvakare, kwaive nerima. Asi, Sylvester akazvibvunza kuti akange akamboona masora aaiziva nemazita akakura kudaro? Akamhanyisa meso ake nesango riya. Asingagone kudoma chikonzero, akanzwa chando chichitangira pano pagungunyo chichikwidza nemuzongoza, muviri wose uchiti nyau nyau. Uku kwaive kutya kukuru, kutya kwechaaisaziva nezvacho kunze kwekuti aisafanira kutanga aziva kuti chaive chii asati atanga kuchitya. Chaakagona chete kutora tsuro iya, ndokutiza nayo.
            Achisvika pamusha paVaJachani, imbwa dzepo dzakati dzohukura. Asi, padzakasvika pedyo, dzakabva dzanyarara kuti zii, ndokuchidzoka shure zvishoma nezvishoma. Sylvester akaziva kuti zvaive nechekuita nezitsuro raainge akabata. Hapana akamuudza kana kumunyorera tsamba kana kumuzivisa neimwe nzira, asi Sylvester akangozvitara sechokwadi kuti ndizvo zvaiitika sekutara kwatinongoita kuti zuva ndiro rinoita kuti kunze kupisa.
Asi, zvakamboitika kupi kuti imbwa dzinotya tsuro?
            Sylvester akaisa tsuro iya pasi, ndokupinda mugota make. Aida kuona chaizoitika mauro. Tsuro iya yaizotiza here? Kana kuti imbwa dzaidzoka, dzoiita kanyama-kanyama sezvazvagara zviri izvo zvinoitika kana mhuka idzi mbiri dzasangana. Ndizvo zvaifanira kuitika, nekuti tose tinoziva kuti ndizvo zvinoitika kune tsuro.
            Asi fumoyedza, Sylvester akaiona imire pakati peruvanze. Imbwa dziya dzakange dzisipo padzino sirara. Sylvester akatora tsuro iya, ndokuiviga pasi pezidhishi raiwanzo shandiswa kugezesa vana asi rakange rava nemaburi, saka rakange rave nemazuva risisashande.
            Sylvester akadzokera kusango kuya. Ndipo paakaona shanduko yakange yavepo, shanduko yekukura kwemiti nezvipuka, shanduko yakaita kuti adzokere kumba aine pfungwa yekusada kuzosvika pedyo nesango riya.
            "Maita henyu, Mukoma Sy!" Tshaka akatenda. "Asi regai nditange ndabvunza Mhamha kuti ndinobvumidzwa here kuchengeta tsuro."
            Tshaka akabva apinda mumba maive naamai vake.
            Pasina nguva ipi, Sylvester akanzwa kungwendereka kwemidziyo nekuputsika kwehari, amainini vake nemamwe madzimai aive mumba makare voridza mhere. Madzimai akapingirishana pamusuo, vachida kutiza mumba muya. Tete vaSylvester, Mai Charisi, vakaminyuka gumbo. Ambuya Mai Jeremiah vakabva zino.



            Chetatu chakaitikira mumba maGideon Maisiri, iyo yaive kumashure kwebhucha rake paChibere Growth Point.
Aive mangwanani, Maisiri achangomuka. Akaita zvekupwatika, kunge munhu ainge arota hope dzakaipa. Zvimwe ainge arota dzakaipa, asi akange atodzikoshiwa. Dzimweni dzenguva, hanganwa dzakadai dzakanaka chose. Ndiani angade kuswera akaremedzwa nechiitiko chisinei nezveupenyu hwevakamuka, uhwo hwunewo mitoro yahowo?
            Amuka kudai, Maisiri akanzwa kukwedemudzwa kwemidziyo, pamwe nekuti pfapfara kwezviri kukangwa. Mukadzi wake, Sabina kana kutiMai Chipo, vaigadzira chisvusvuro. Akanzwa munhuwiro wemazai, bhuruvhosi nerivha, ndokunyemwerera netarisiro yemadyo anonaka. Zvainge zvasangana, murume anowana twunonaka nemukadzi anoziya kukaringa! Chaitove chisakaitika kani kuti mukadzi wabhucha ogoshaya rivha rekukangira murume wake. Zvingaite izvozvo, kuti mudzimai wemudzidzisi angashaye chinyoreso kana bepa? Kana kuti mudzimai wachiremba oshaya mapiritsi ekupa vana kana vonzwa musoro?
            Naizvozvo, kana paine zvino wanikwa zviri jahwi namatanyera nepamusana pebasa rake, igarozivawo kuti mukadzi wake haazvishaye.
            Asi parizvino, zvisinei kuti vaija norivha, sekutaura kunoita maBuja, bhizinesi raMaisiri rakange roenda kumawere. Akange ari tanga makore gumi apfuura nemari yake yekugumurwa kubasa pane imwe kambani inotengesa chikafu chezvipfuyo kuHarare. Muzukuru wake, Garikai, aive mudzidzisi pane chimwe chikoro pedyo nepaChibere, ndiye akange amuraira zano rekuita zvebhucha paGrowth Point paya.
            Mazuva ekutanga, zvakamboita. Ndiani aiziva kuti vanhu vekumaruwa vangade kutenga nyama kunge vanhu vemudhorobha vasina mombe kana mbudzi pamisha yavo? Vatengi vake vaisanganisira vadzidzisi muzvikoro, vanamudhumeni, vanamukoti, vanamabharani vaishanda mumapazi ehurumende akasiyana nemumisangano yakazvimirira nevamwe vaishandira mudunhu iri asi vasingararame upenyu hweruzhinji rwevanhu vekumaruwa, avo vane mombe nezvimwe zvipfuyo zvavo. Kana ivo vaive nadzo mombe, zvaivenani kwavari kunotenga nyama kubhucha pane kuuraya dzavo nekuti vakange vasina mafiriji. Kubhucha vaingotenga yekudya musi iwowo, asi yekuuraya mombe yaizosiya dambudziko yekuchengeta nyama iya dzamara yapera yese. Mombe vaitouraya kana paine gungano pamusha, paine tarisiro yekuti nyama yacho yaigona kupera nemusi iwowo kana kuti yaiwana anotakura inenge yasara.
            Zvino, nekuoma kwakange kwave kuita zvinhu munyika, vazhinji vemakasitoma aya vakange vasisakwanisi matengero avaisimboita. Kushomeka kwedhiziri  munyika kwakaita kuti vanodhirivhara vakundikane pane dzimwe nguva kuti vaunze imwe sitoku, uye yakavatumwa kuti vawedzere muripo webasa ravo iri. Ukuwo vemagetsi vakange vatanga tsika yekungodzima vasina kupa yambiro, zvekuti nyama yose yaive mufiriji yaibva yashata, uye vakawedzerawo muripo wemagetsi avo aya. Muridzi wechitoro chaaishandisa aiwedzerawo rendi mwedzi nemwedzi.
            Vakuru vakati, Nhamo haibve pane imwe. Ini ndinoti, Chinhingamupinyi hachibve pane chimwe. Zvinhu zvaidya mari yebhizinesi iri zvainge madhimoni aya anonzi Rigioni, uye zvaive nenzara yevanhu zviuru zvishanu vakauya pagomo kuzonzwa mharidzo yaJesu. Mangwanani akadai, Maisiri aigona kuzvibambaradza nemunhuwiro werivha waibva kukicheni, asi mabhuku ake eakaunzi aimuratidza kuti nyangwe munhu atongerwa rufu anogona kubikirwa bhurekifasi yerivha nezuva rake rekusungirirwa uye achidya achinakirwa.
            Zvisinei, Maisiri akange asiri munhu aibvuma kukurirwa nematambudziko eupenyu. Matemba chete ndiwo anodyiwa akatarisa. Munhu akasikwa naMwari ndokupihwa njere nemasimba kuti zvimubatsire haaimirira rufu. Kuramba kukundwa uku ndiko kwakamusvitsa paaive nhasi uno kubva muuduku hwekutambudzika kuMbare.
            Maisiri akange afunga zano rekupfuya ega mhuka dzakasiyana dzaaigona kuzotengesa mubhucha make. Huku ndidzo dzaainge atanga nadzo, asi kushomeka kwechikafu chehuku kwakaita kuti chirongwa ichi chigumirwe panzira. Mushure mezvo, akaedza mbudzi. Mbudzi dzaive nani nekuti dzaingodyawo uswa sezvinoita mombe, asi vanhu vakange vofinwa nembudzi chete. Akambofunga zvekugadzira bhuruvhosi nenyama yembudzi. Zvimwe vanhu vaienda kumabhawa vangaifarire. Vanhu vaigona kunge vaderedza pakutenga nyama yekudya mudzimba dzavo, asi Maisiri akange azviona kuti gochi-gochi yemumabhawa yakange isati yarohwa neESAP bodo.


            Panguva iyi yekufunga zano rekutsigira mabhawa nenyama yekugocha, ndipo pakauya zano rekupfuya hove dzevaya vaida zvavo usavi hwemazuva ese mudzimba dzavo asi mari yavo isisakwane kutenga siteki. Vazhinji vanoziva hove dzichiwanikwa munzizi, uye kune nzira dzakasiyana dzekudzibata. Asi zvekuti hove dzingachengetwe semachengeterwo anoitwa huku kana mombe, izvi zvaive zvitsva kuvagari vemunharaunda meChibere Growth Point. Ruzivo urwu rwunonzi akwakarucha, aquaculture muchiRungu, zvichireva kuti hove idzi dzaienzaniswa nechirimwa chaizokohwewa. Kuti ukwanise kukohwa pakuru, zvaidawo kuti uve munhu ane ruzivo maererano nenzira dzekuchengeta hove kuti dziberekane uye dzikure. Waifanira kuziva zvirwere zvinogona kubatira pahove nenzira dzekuzvidzivirira. Ruzivo rweakwakarucha rwaisanganisira zvakare machengeterwo ehove dzinenge dzave kuenda kunotengeswa kuti dzisatane kushata.
Maisiri, sezvakaita ruzhinji rwavatema vakadzidza muZimbabwe, ainge akaita agirikarucha pafomu yechina. Zvididzo zveagirikarucha zvinosanganisira iyo akwakarucha yacho, pamwe nezvekupfuya mhuka kana kurima magadheni nezvimwewo. Musiyano neruzhinji urwu waive pakuti Maisiri aiona kuwana ruzivo senzira yekuti munhu uzvisimudzire kwete kuti ugowana basa rinosimudzira bhizinesi remumwe. Vazhinji vevana veZimbabwe vakaita agirikarucha, chikamu chidiki kwazvo chavo chakaenderera mberi kuzova varimi. Zvinoshamisa kwazvo munyika inozivikanwa kuti upfumhi hwayo unosimbirira nekurima, kuti yogoshaya vanoda kusimudzira mabasa aizivikanwa kuti ndiwo aiunza mari. Zvimwe kusada kuenderera mberi nezvekurima kwaisvorwa nekuti kwaionekwa sekwakarerekera kuupenyu hwekumaruva uye kwaive kure neupenyu hwechizvino hwemumadhorobha. Vamwe vechidiki vaifanira kuva hurudza vakange vatiza misha, ndokunova anahwindi mutaundi. Ndivo vakatanga kunyunyuta nezvekushomeka kwemabasa, ivo vakafuratira mukanha wekuzviriritira wavainge vatiza kumisha yavo.
            Saka, neruzivo rwake urwu, Maisiri akange atanga chirongwa chekupfuya hove. Akange atsvaga vakomana vemuraini, ndokuvacheresa fishipondi pamusha waambuya vake, Mai Nyeve. Akange amuzadza mufishipondi muya nehove dzaainge abata munaHacha. Asi, zvairatidza sekunge paive nebasa rakawanda raida kuitwa asati atanga kukohwa. Hove dziya dzakange dzisiri kunyatsokura.
Ainge akazviverenga mune rimwe bhuku kuti hove dzine zvadzino buritsa neweti yadzo. Uhwandu hwekemikari iyi mumvura madzinogara unodziratidza kuti dziri munzvimbo diki saka dzino kurawo zvine muyero senzira yekudzivirira kuzokura zvekuzotadza kukwanirana nezvekudya zvino wanikwa mumvura macho. Makambani anoita akwakarucha pakuru anoisawo mushonga waitsakatisa kemikari iya yehove, zvekuti hadzaigumi kukura, nyangwe dziri mukadhishi kekuti hadzikwanisi nyangwe kupfakanyika.
            Vaya vakambogara mhiri kwamakungwa, kunova kuriko kwatekeshera muzvitoro nyama nezvimwe zvekudya zvinobva munzira dzakadai, vanoti zvekudya izvi hazvinake kana uchinge wazvibika nemutoo wechivanhu. Zvinotoda kurungwa nemhiripiri nezvimwe zvekuita kuti zvive nemunhuwiro unokoka nzara. Asi kune munhu anotengesa hove dzakadai, izvi zvaive nechekuita here naye kana dzichinge dzabva mumaoko ake? Dambudziko kune vaipfuya hove nemutoo wakadai raibva kune vana mazvikokota vaiti izvi zvaive nenjodzi kuutano hwevanhu, saka vaikurudzira hurumende kuti dzitare mitemo yairambidza zvachose kutengeswa kwehove idzi kana kumanikidza vanodzitengesa kuti vayambire vatengi nezvenjodzi iyi. Mazuva ano, nyangwe ari mafuta zvawo anenge ashandiswa, muresitarondi maunenge watengera zvekudya unoona makaturikwa chikwangwari chakanzi; Zvakabikwa nemafuta akasvinwa kubva mumbesa dzakarerwa nenzira dzeGenetic Modification. Izvi zvaitikira kunyika dzakasimukira, kuno kuAfurika nenzara yakange yawaridza bonde munyika dzavatema, hapana hurumende yainge yati yaona pane chakaipa pakugona kusimudzira kuwanikwa kwezvekudya nemitengo yakareruka kuruzhinji.


            Musuwo wakazarurwa, Mai Chipo ndokudongorora. "Ndagadzira chikafu, Baba vaChichi" vakadaro nezwi rekajesa munguva yechirimo. "Tsano wenyu auya!"
            Tsano Morgan, hanzvadzi yaMai Chipo, ndivo vaiona nezvefishipondi riya.  Vakange vapedzawo chikoro gore rapera pamberi, asi vakange vasina kunyastoita zvakanaka muzamanishoni. Zita ravo chairo vainzi Tsvangirayi, asi vanhu vese vaivaziva neiri remadunhurirwa. Kwete kuti Tsano vaiveMorgan aibata-bata mune zvematongerwo enyika, asi kuti izita raigaro taurwa nezvaro mazuva ano. Ushamwari hwavo naMaisiri hwaive uri hwemukoma nemuninina chaiye, zvisinei kuti Tsano Morgan ndivo vakange vatambira pfuma yekuroorwa kwehanzvadzi yavo.
            Maisiri akapinda mukicheni ndokuwana Tsano Morgan vagere patafura, kaChipo kakagonya pamakumbo kunge kashiye kagere panachikoyo. Chipo aive muzavazi chaiye, apo aiedza kurondedzera zvose zvakaitika kubvira paakapedzisira kuona sekuru vake ava.
            "Adzimai venyu havaneti nekutaura kani!" Maisiri akadaro. "Chipo, chimbosiya sekuru vako vadye."
            "Manje ini handisikuda kudya!" Chipo akapindura. "Ndisekuru vangu, ndinoda kutamba navo."
            "Chimbomira nditange ndadya, Chi-Chi, mudikani," Tsano Morgan vakadaro. "Ndikapedza kudya, ndobva ndauya kuzotamba newe, handiti?"
            Sekuru vake vaiwanzo zadzisa zvavanenge vavimbisa, saka Chipo akabva zvake pamakumbo avo, ndokuno tsvaga zvidhori zvake kuti azovaratidza. Vasara vega, varume ndokukurukura.
            "Tsano, kumukira kudai, mukati marara kumba iyemi?" Maisiri akabvunza.
            Tsano Morgan ndivo kwasvai nekunyara. Maisiri akange ataura izvi achitamba zvake, asi paive neguwa rakange rapararira nedunhu rese rekuti Tsano Morgan vaipota vachinoona imwe shamwari yaamai vavo, Mai Getty, iyo yaivewo shirikadzi. Hapana aiziva chokwadi pamusoro peguwa iri kunze kweiye nyakuritanga naivo vaviri vaitaurwa nezvavo mariri. Asi, vaRungu vane tsumo inoti hapana utsi unopfunga pasina moto.
Maisiri akange asati ambovavhunza nezvazvo, asi akaona nekamuitiro kacho kaTsano Morgan kuti akange asiri manyepo. Kana zvainge zviri izvo, tsano vanga vave kutsauka mugwara. Nyangwe zvavo murume waMai Getty akange akafa netsaona kubasa, zvaingodawo kuti chikomana chakaita saMorgan chiteererewo shoko riri kufamba mazuva ano rekukurudzira kuzvichengetedza hupenyu asaite tsika yekungorara nemukadzi wese-wese, zvikurusisa waakange asingazive kuti ropa rake rine utachiwana here kana kuti kwete. Zvekudanana nemukadzi akaenzana naamai vavo, izvi Maisiri akange asina basa nazvo hake chero zvaigumira mukusasana pakati pemukomana akange oda kudzidzira kuchovha bhasikoro nemukadzi akange achiri kunzwa ropa rake richiri kufamba asi achiona zvisisabviri kuti atange imwe imba. Vechechi vaive nemavhesi nemabhuku ekutsanangura uipi hwazvo, asi kuna Maisiri, chero zvisingaitwe pachena pekuti zvaigona kukanganisa kugarisana kwevanhu muraini, uye chero zvisingazokoke zvirwere, hapana chainge chakaipa.
            "Ndabva kumba, kani, tsano," Tsano Morgan vakapindura, asi vakaramba vaka tarisa pasi. "Pane nyaya, tsano."
            Maisiri akafunga kuti pane zvaitika zvisina kunaka. Asi haana kuda kuvaendera pamberi.
            "Nezuro, ndaifamba musango zvangu pedyo nerwizi," Tsano Morgan vakatanga nyaya yavo. Sezvo vaida kusvika padingindira yavo, vakasirira pekuti vakange varangana naMai Getty, shamwari yaamai vavo iya, kuzoonana kusango kwakare. "Hadzisi hove dziri munaHacha, tsano."
            Maisiri akaramba akavatarisa, achiti pane zvimwe. Tsano Morgan vakazunguza musoro, "Hove idzi dzakakura zvandisati ndamboona. Ndanga ndichifunga kuti tikadzitora, todziisa mufishipondi medu..."
            "Togotora hove dzato kura..."
            "Kwete, Tsano. Kana ndichiti hove idzi dzakakura ndino reva kukura mumhu. Pazera, dzichangobva mumazai adzo."
            Maisiri haana kuda kubvunza kuti Tsano vaizviziva sei. Kana paine munhu aiziva nezvehove mudunhu rino, Tsano Morgan vaikodzera kuva purofesa chaiye.
"Handei tinodzitora," Maisiri vakadaro.
            Tsano Morgan vakanyemwerera, ndokunyatso tambanudza makumbo avo. "Saka imi munoti kwangu kukara rivha zvekumbo sendeka zvekushava? Kutaura so, ndine vakomana vari mubishi rekukokorodza hove dziya munaHacha. Ngatidyei zvedu, tsano. Kana tapedza kudya, ndichada kuratidzwa zvidhori naChi-Chi wangu. Machinda aya anofanira kunge apedza basa racho masikati, ndipo patinoenda kunodziona."


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