Wednesday, 6 April 2011

MunaHacha maive nei? The Latest

The publisher and I have agreed on the final text of the long-awaited ChiShona language classic. The artist is still working on a picture for the jacket, but just about all the elements for what I hope will be a very significant book are in place.

To answer the people's queries- yes there will be book launch in London. I was thinking another launch here in Middlesbrough, to pay tribute to all the people I have worked with who are based here. And why stop there? South Africa, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada. These have all emerged as significant ChiShona-reading markets, so why not a book signing or two.

Regretably, I do not think I will be doing any such book signings in Zimbabwe in the forseeable future. Personal reasons aside, the country is not at its best at the moment. Ironic though it may be, but from a book-selling point of view, Zimbabwe is not the most promising market for books in ChiShona at this point in time. Not to say that there won't be one or two bookstores that will stock MunaHacha maive nei? But a launch and a publicity campaign is not something I have contemplated at this stage. Still, if there is anyone in the literary field who thinks that they can organise something, please contact either myself or my publisher.

I feel a sense of accomplishment. However, I can't stop now, not with all these other publishing deadlines to meet. And of course, the TV drama.  Back to work.