Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Works in Progress

This weekend was scheduled for the shooting of the short-drama, The Fox Comes Running. The leading lady just sent me an e-mail to say that she will not be able to come to Middlesbrough from Newcastle this weekend. She is sorry for the inconvenience ( i.e. procuring equipment and crew, other cast, getting permission to film from the Cleveland Police and the Middlesbrough Council etc)

I don't want to gripe too much about this, having already griped about the level of professionalism displayed by another set of Zimbas I worked with on other projects recently. I don't want to lend substance to the much-aired claim that Zimbabweans are the least professional set of people to work with. Not out of any measure of patriotism, mind you, but rather the fear that such an attitude will cloud my judgement with regards to THIS IS LONDON.

What I will do is calmly accept that I did all I could for THE FOX COMES RUNNING and the time has come to let the project go. I have nurtured it for so long, but it is not likely to yield fruit any time soon.

There are other projects I must be giving my time to. Such as the THEATRE SEEN, for which I am contributing a play. More on that soon. And the novels, one of which needs a launch party. And screenplays for clients.

No, I am far too busy to gripe.