Monday, 5 December 2011

MunaHacha Maive Nei? is now available in print

At long last! Gloucester-based Diaspora Publishers has issued a paperback edition of MunaHacha Maive Nei? the novel that got nominated for Book of the Year and contributed significantly towards my Writer of the Year award at the ZIMAA 2011. The publisher has just returned from a trip to Southern Africa, where he established contacts with bookstores.

Kindle sales have been good, but I think readers of ChiShona still prefer paper books. All the same, I am proud of the fact that it was me who nudged my language towards the world of digital content and the novel is there for anyone who has an iphone or Samsung Omnia 7 or any of the new mobile handsets with the Kindle app, or, of course, an e-book reader. I know many other authors are watching and ready to emulate.

I want to thank all those who have bought the Kindle edition. I will keep you posted on the list of bookstores around the world that will be selling copies.

For those with access to amazon products, you can get your copy here

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