Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Chishamiso published in Jamaica

My short story, Chishamiso was published on the 7th of October 2012 in Jamaica's Sunday Observer Bookends Magazine. As some of you know, this story first appeared on the LET'S TALK ABOUT IT ALL WITH THANDI website. There were calls for the story to continue, and I was prevailed upon to develop on the original idea, so a novella may yet arise from all this.

I am exceptionally pleased with this publication in Jamaica. I don't know if there have been other Zimbabwean writers who have been given this kind of attention, but it establishes the potential for our two cultures to interact without neccessarily going through Europe and America's media. Recently, I was published in a South African magazine, Jungle Jim. There is a project to reach out to Italy and Brazil as well.

I want to thank Bettina Sibanda, who asked me to write this story first for LET'S TALK ABOUT IT ALL WITH THANDI, and Empress Makeda Barbara Blake Hannah for drawing it to the attention of the Bookends editor, Sarah Leach. And, all those people who have read it.

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