Sunday, 15 September 2013

Herbert Wants To Come Home

JukePop Serials finally accepted this draft of the much-awaited Herbert Wants To Come Home. The first ever vampire novel set mainly in Zimbabwe, although the events precipitating occur in Romania (of course).

But that it is a story about vampires, unknown in Zimbabwean lore, is not the reason why this is yet another ground-breaking literally undertaking from yours truly. Herbert Wants To Come Home is unique as a piece of Zimbabwean literature in that it will be published in series. Apparently, that is how many of the popular Victorian writers of their day made many of their monumental works available to the public. The first ever such series that I ever came across was Stephen King's The Green Mile. In the full novel edition, King writes in a foreword that the idea to serialise was put to him by a British publisher, who cited the example of Charles Dickens. As we all know, The Green Mile became a bestseller.

Herbert Wants To Come Home will be serialised on Jukepop Serials first, and hopefully this will lead to a book deal later. For a writer, it is gratifying to note that JukePop Serials do not just take on any old work; each story goes through a vigorous selection process. So, that draft meets certain standards. This is very important for a work that will circulate first through social media, and will obviously receive most accolades from friends and family rather than critical readers.

Writing for an online publishing platform meant that I had to change the format of the novel somewhat, and I may revert to the original for the book version. In the original, the story is told in the epistolary style, a nod to 'Bram Stoker's Dracula. Of course, in the 21st century, the documents that record events as they unfold and build a novel take the form of not only diary entries and newspaper cuttings, but missing persons' reports, medical reports, e-mail messages, mobile phone text messages etc. I will leave it for my readers to decide whether they find the prose insertions actually useful.

I hope you all enjoy reading and looking forward to your comments. To go to the first chapter, follow the link below.

Monday, 9 September 2013

They spelt my name wrong!!

But I can confirm that I will be there. This will be a chance to meet not only Spiwe N. Mahachi-Harper, but several distinguished Zimbabweans. I will give a short talk on the contributions made by people of Malawian and Zambian immigrants to Zimbabwe (from the colonial period to the present) to popular Zimbabwean culture.

See you there